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The method
mind bodysculpt

During the Mindbody Sculpt classes, a deep connection is experienced:

by training with Linda Gastaldello's method, you will feel a greater psychophysical balance and learn resilience, both during and after the training.

A healthy and active lifestyle is essential for female body balance and self-esteem.

With the Mindbody Sculpt method you will get a sculpted, long-limbed body and a balanced mind.


The woman who practices the Mindbody Sculpt method is asked not to give up the pleasures of life and to have her own psychophysical well-being as a goal.

Music plays a very important role in the Mindbody Sculpt method.

Sound during workouts aligns us with our highest vibrations, it inspires our performance and helps us to sculpt our body.


Personal growth is an integral part of the method Mindbody Sculpt: every week you get a new fitness workout, a video dedicated to your personal growth and a shorter additional class of yoga or breathing technique or a specific workout.

Through the classes of Mind body sculpt you will learn to explore the various aspects of your motivation, supporting you in the process of change.


Through meditation and mindfulness techniques you will find your balance and improve time management; you will increase your energy and training will become easier and easier.

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