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Linda Gastaldello

International yoga teacher, fitness expert and creator of the MindBody Sculpt method


HI! I'm Linda

Pleased to meet you.

I was born  in Verona in Italy, but my curiosity led me to travel and discover other worlds.

The study of psychophysical well-being has always interested me, especially when it comes to women's health. 


New York

In 2006 I moved to New York City to study photography but then life, as often happens, had another mission in store for me.

I was and still am a yoga scholar and in 2010 I had already accumulated 1200 hours of teacher training with the international yoga school  Jivamukti in New York. 

In 2011, I opened my first boutique yoga studio in Brooklyn and in 2019, my second.



In the meantime I became the mother of two wonderful children, Brando and Rocco,  and my life, as they grew up, changed with them, adapting to the needs of motherhood. I started teaching online to optimize my time and stay close to my children.

My body has changed, I felt powerless, but I chose to get back in shape and find my mental balance as quickly as possible!

To reactivate my energy, I felt the need to add strength and resilience training and cardio to my daily yoga routine.


The more I learned to manage my time and grew personally, the more I wanted to share my new discoveries and skills with as many women as possible.


After becoming a mother, I really wanted to reconnect with my traditions e  my homeland, Italy, through online teaching.


In 2022 me and my family moved to California. 

California is one of the most suitable places to raise your children, surrounded by  nature and away from the frenzy of the Big Apple.  

Shortly before moving I created my new online platform where I bring together all my life experience and know-how into one method of Mindbody Sculpt, which has helped and continues to inspire thousands of  women all over the world to get back in psychophysical shape with balance and motivation. 

Now, I teach primarily online from California, through my online studio, and host public and private wellness events.

Palm Trees
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