Thanks so much for considering to work with me. After 10 years working in wellness, I offer different services targeted to help you to optimize your energy and focus, so that you can live the life of your dreams RIGHT NOW, tapping into your inner power and feeling integrated with your mind, body and spirit. 

What if anxiety, stress, lack of sleep, feeling emotionally overwhelmed or stuck, eating disorders and hormonal imbalances, infertility and lack of Self worth  weren't just the causes of unhappiness, but the EFFECT of something much deeper? 

Believe me I have been there. In order to conquer permanent freedom, you MUST overcome those issues by going to the roots of your emotions and thoughts, unapologetically, and make a differente choice. 

My mission is to share with you the tools that helped me - literally saved me from a very dark place - so you can manifest and live your dream life in this reality, connecting to your inner wisdom and finding the answers to your questions through trust and self love. 

The only thing I am asking is your willingness to open to your own MAGIC = shift in perception from low vibration life to high vibrational living. And Yes, the potential for everything you want is ALREADY within you, that is the platform we'll access and work on together.

My programs are created with a three dimensional workflow, which targets one's physical, mental and spiritual plane in order to rise to the forth place which is the recognition and the  acceptance of your whole and holy YOU.

- Physical Plane Work: yoga, cathartic movement and relaxation of the body, aromatherapy.

- Mental Plane Work: mindfulness, meditation, Emotional Freedom Technique.

- Spiritual Plane Work: breathe work and pranayama techniques, discovering and establishing a spiritual practice of one's own understanding, healing rituals with plant medicine and sound.

I'm so excited and honored to work with you!

Apply to become a client by filling the form below, tell me a little about you and why you are called to this important work for yourself. 


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