I love working with Linda.

She is truly special, there is an energy and honesty she cultivates in her teachings that are highly transferable and magnetic.

She creates spaces for people that are inclusive, open and non-judgmental, and most importantly are playful– reminding us to get back to our inner children in this serious world and just have some fun. Her teachings are very relatable to the real world, as she tells genuine stories about the struggles we all work to overcome and offers simple practices to move in the direction of positivity.

Working with Linda for an hour, whether it be a class, workshop or essential oil session, has been a guaranteed pick up for my day. I highly recommend all three! I find that those hours spent with her ripple through my entire week and are highlights of my year, ultimately giving me a stronger sense of optimism, grounding to my self, and connection to others around me.

I have a stressful job that is demanding and constantly changing, but working with Linda has brought me serenity and perspective to my week, which leaves me better prepared to handle the week and create a positive impact at work and in my life overall.
— Libby Rodney

Linda is more than a yoga teacher. She is embraced in our community as an empowerment coach, spiritual guide and a force of nature for women, young and old. She is a rare breath of honesty in a world often clouded by superficiality and an obsession with image. By offering up her vulnerability and very human experiences and feelings, Linda offers all of us a refreshing reminder that we are okay; we are beautiful, we are evolving and we are “perfectly imperfect”. I look forward to reading Linda’s teachings as it encourages me to be less critical and more kind to my inner-self. Thank you Linda.
— Bronya Mattherall
Linda is a wonderful teacher who gives students individual attention while leading the class through energizing or calming flows.
— Katie Marenghi
I am a Yoga snob and have been in many studios around the city. I have stopped going to other studios since I found this one. Linda’s is an intimate space and she is able to offer 1:1 guidance during classes. Her level of expertise is also above majority of teachers.
— Taisiya Tumarinson
Linda is an extremely knowledgable teacher who brings you deeper into your understanding of the practice. Every class is an exploration of the mind/body relationship with Linda’s thoughtful instruction and focus on the teaching or theme of the month. The studio has a wonderful community, and I literally can not wait to get to class. You will love Linda and the overall vibe.
— Alexis Grenell
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D Repubblica article

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