When our hearts align with our mind our purpose is achieved. We are complete, in a state of Yoga. Balance. Equanimity. Love.

The connection with my power broke in my teens. The past 15 years of my life were a climb toward feeling complete. I had to find and lose myself over and over again. I experienced pain, self abuse, followed by loss of trust in myself and consequently of freedom. Life was an emotional rollercoaster: what I was showing to the world was not what I was experiencing inside as that brought even more disconnection. 

However all has served and enriched me. Even the darkness and the shadows.

Somehow the guidance of the universe was there. I started to pay attentions to the signs and connections. All people, experiences and opportunities made sense at the time and place were presented to me, no matter how in pain or in doubt I was.

I began to choose what I really wanted to do, detaching from old patterns and believes that my family, which I love very much, and society imposed me or I thought I had to living up to.

By choosing I started to take responsibility of my actions and if the results were not what I expected I did my best to see how they could serve me anyway. Hard work, but worth it. 

Day after day up to Now: I am not perfect, but I found myself. And that to me is perfection. I trust my voice and through forgiveness of all the people and situations that made me think I should not, I am committed to my journey toward freedom day after day.

I wish for you to conquer your fears and discover your freedom through self trust, self love and acceptance of who you are at this given time. I am offering my experience as a yoga and meditation teacher, mother, entrepreneur and lightworker to support the recognition of the power within you. I teach you the tools to successfully align with your truth every step of the way.  

You are worthy to live the life of your dreams right now and I am here for you one choice at the time. 

#freewithlindag is a platform where I share my journey toward manifesting my vision day by day, not by only dreaming, but by taking actions that are align with my purpose in this lifetime. Are you ready to do the same with yours?

At your service,

Linda G.